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Case Study | Outsourced Marketing | Summer Snow Juice

Summer Snow Juice came to PIER Marketing to support the growth of their apple juice product range through grocery channels and to consumers via their eCommerce store. 


The Summer Snow team wanted to grow the brand through grocery distribution, hospitality and direct to consumer so we needed to get to the core (ahem) to ensure their marketing approach integrated with their business strategy. Cue workshops, sales process mapping and targeted planning to drive sales in each channel. Oh, and then we delivered the plan. Lucky we were kept refreshed!


60 more outlets were stocking their apple juice, we saw a four-fold increase in online consumer sales and Summer Snow Juice’s social media following increased 136%. All within two months of launch. How do you like them apples?


Marketing strategy | Communications plan | Social media strategy | Online advertising | Sales process mapping | Concept development | eCommerce


“Working with the PIER team has increased sales and grown our databases. They have helped us to identify and go after new opportunities with creative and engaging messaging, all based on a commercially-focused strategy. They give us a great, educated sounding board."

- Nick Russo, CEO Bellevue Orchards