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High Season Marketing

High Season Marketing

Naturally the Aussie summer brings a sense of hustle and bustle to popular tourist hot spots, which is great news for businesses operating in that space. Along with the sun comes a higher amount of foot traffic and word of mouth referrals! However, don’t just leave it to chance, there are actions you can take to ensure this upcoming high season is your biggest and best yet.

A successful high season is well thought out, strategic and certainly not rushed. Therefore, the time to start preparing is now, before you get too busy with other business priorities. So to help, we’ve listed our top tips below. 

Decide on your direction and stick to it:

Outline your business objective or goal for the high season. This will inform your marketing strategy for the next few months. Your objective could look like:

  • 10% revenue growth on the previous high season
  • 20% increase in repeat business – growing existing customers’ value through repeat visitation 
  • 25% new customers – launching into new markets / attracting new audiences
  • 15% increase revenue in new business offering / service

Define who you are talking to:

Tourists are an important addition during the high season, but don’t ignore your loyal, local audience. They’re just as important. Starting out with a clearly identified audience will allow you to be specific with your message.  You may have different audiences that different parts of your business offering will appeal to – that’s great! Segmentation is one of the keys to great marketing. Think about your different audiences – tourists, locals, groups, families, young professionals and then think what message will appeal to them – and segment and target your marketing accordingly.

Structure your offer and content accordingly:

This is how you intend to achieve your objective. For your locals, you could offer an exclusive 2 for 1 deal. Whereas for tourists, you might like to promote a ticketed event or a weekly special. Creating your own hashtag on social media is also a great way to encourage brand interaction.  With tourism marketing, your audience is ever changing so concentrate on brand awareness and keeping a consistent message out there.  For locals, concentrate on brand building – give them another reason to visit. Also think about rewarding them for brand loyalty.

Use a content calendar:

A content calendar will be your best friend by outlining the specific steps you need to take in order to achieve your goals. While you anticipate being extremely busy during high season, a content calendar will keep you on track – you’ll know what you should be talking about and when on your socials.  Where possible, schedule posts / blogs / campaigns…etc to lessen the time demands of ongoing updates across your platforms.

Ramp up your advertising:

If you have an advertising budget, now is the time to start allocating it and making it work hard for you.  Think about where your audiences are and how best to reach them.  Advertising can be a good way to complement organic activity such as socials content.  With both online and offline channels, ramping up your advertising is simple if you plan in advance. Here are some ideas:

  • Local magazine advertisement
  • Local signage in high traffic areas
  • Update your website with special deals
  • Higher budget allocated to social media advertising

Research other local businesses for collaboration opportunities:

Partnering with businesses in your area provides great benefit to support each other and cross promote. You could also think about teaming up with a local charity that is aligned to your brand – using your increased footfall to raise awareness and all important funds.  It could also help you reach new audiences – if the charity partnership is authentic and you appeal to similar audiences.

Take this occasion to build your client database:

Create an initiative to capture email address and build your client database (AKA your brand ambassadors). Then you can strategically communicate to those people through targeted campaigns, staying front of mind for both locals and tourists, if they choose to return to the area.

The activity you undertake leading up to and during the high season will give you great momentum for the unavoidable low season.  Document now what you plan to do, track how its performing and make the time to debrief and gain insights as the high season comes to an end.  Are there insights in there that might help you during the low season? What would you do again? What would you do differently? Let insight inform every marketing activity you undertake in the future.

Want to make this high season your best yet? Contact us to have a chat on (03) 5975 3742 or drop us a line at hello@piermarketing.com.au.