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The PIER Marketing Experience (from a student’s perspective)

Hi! My name is Bhodi and I recently joined the team at PIER Marketing for a week of Student Work Experience. I have a strong interest in website development, and after a few knockbacks from sole web development companies, I decided to change my focus. I looked into marketing because it goes hand in hand with website development, it is a very practical skill and a potential career option. Here’s how my week went …  


Day 1

Today began with an introduction to PIER marketing and the industry, and a team meeting, followed by a discussion about my tasks for the week ahead. We also discussed my interests and I had the opportunity to change my task list based on my interests. I was surprised to learn that I am not completely mindless about marketing and I do know a couple of things about Google Ads and Instagram marketing. 

We then got started with some social media marketing. I found it interesting that as a company you don’t want to only advertise your product. You also want to post other content related to your target audience to they have a reason to continue to follow your brand during slow purchasing periods, instead of just promoting the product. 


Day 2

Another busy day! The team are trying to teach me and involve me in lots of tasks and I’m really enjoying my time here. Today I joined in on a Client Review Meeting where the status of each client was discussed, designed a card for International Happiness Day (learning design skills as I went), sourced merchandise quotes for an outreach project and joined a phone interview with the Head of Product Development of ASSA ABLOY for a magazine article. I feel really involved with the team as the tasks I am working on will be used, making it practical, helpful and subconsciously making me want to perform better. 


Day 3

Relief! Today was slightly less busy than yesterday, but I still had plenty of work to go on with. Because of my interest and experience in rock climbing, I was asked to write an article on how to become a better climber for The Sports Injury Clinic – which has the opportunity to be published! When it was completed, a friendly member of the team discussed the article with me and tips to writing a compelling blog. 


Day 4

No pre-planned work today as I am apparently too efficient with my work, but the team were more than happy to get me involved in other projects! I was able to assist in the build of a client’s website and in the process learnt a new word – ‘copy’ (marketing speak for text). After this, there was a team meeting to discuss the successes of the prior month and make plans to improve the next month … and then donuts to celebrate! 


Final Day

Today was review day. We reviewed all of the work still left to check for editing and formatting … but no changes were needed! We then had a discussion about how to put my best foot forward in my future job search and I received help to write my resume. We then said our farewells, although it most likely won’t be for the last time. 



My time at PIER Marketing has been enjoyable and exceeding my expectations. The staff are all open and friendly and always willing to help. From day one to five, I have always had practical work to go on with which has taught me some great valuable skills. I will miss the staff and the lovely working environment, and if I got the opportunity I would come back without hesitation (Note from PIER: You’re welcome back anytime Bhodi)!


Are you interested in our internship program? Call us on 5975 3742 or drop us a line at hello@piermarketing.com.au for more information.