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PIER Valentine's Day

Marketing ideas you’ll love this Valentine’s Day

Sure, Valentine’s Day may be a bit of a gimmick, but it’s a gimmick that has seen Aussies investing over $23 million* in years gone by.  So what does that mean for businesses? Well it’s a great event to jump onboard – and some simple marketing tips can help you capitalise on the day without the need for a full campaign.  


1.     Celebrate loyalty
Whether your followers have loved you for a day, a week or a year, it’s time to celebrate their loyalty to your brand (and make it hard for them to leave you)! Offer a promotion, discount, reward or competition – just make sure it aligns not only with Valentine’s Day, but also with your brand personality and offering. For example, if you’re a fashion retailer, a competition topic could be encouraging people to share their worst date clothing disasters in exchange for a store voucher. If you’re a tourist attraction, think about offering a complimentary +1 for V-day date night. 

2.     Partner with other businesses 
Valentine’s Day is about partnership and connection, so combine your offering with other businesses to create an irresistible V-Day offer that your target audience will fall in love with. For example, if you’re a brewery, you could partner up with a local craftsman to create personalised bottle openers for the full Valentine’s Day package and some easy cross-promotion!  


3.     Give some love locally
If you’re not into the superficial side of Valentine’s Day, or you’re a professional services brand that is struggling to see your connection to the 14thFeb, it’s a great opportunity to give some love locally, whether that’s a local community group, a local charity or just a random act of love.  It’s good for brand building but more importantly, it feels good and is living your brand values! #spreadthelove


4.     Share the love with other businesses  
There are many things you can do as a business online to get in the V-Day spirit. The day itself is all about making others feel warm and fuzzy, so why not engage, like and comment on the posts of your target audience and other businesses? This will create brand awareness as your business name is seen splashed across newsfeeds and is a timely way to reach out to businesses you might like to work with #businesscrush 


Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to involve big spend just some clever execution.  It can be as simple as some social media action or a strategic partnership. Think you might need more help? Call us today on (03) 5975 3742 or drop us a love letter at hello@piermarketing.com.au.


*Source:  https://www.news.com.au/finance/money/costs/the-cost-of-love-australians-tipped-to-splash-half-a-billion-dollars-this-valentines-day/news-story/06d0611cb0db83f27168365c4e912b94