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Spring clean your marketing

We love that Spring brings with it a renewed energy, optimisim and a heighty spring to our step!  It’s also a perfect time to look at your marketing.  Whether you’re getting ready for the busy Christmas build-up or getting everything in place ready to start 2019 with a bang, now is the time to think about that seasonal marketing refresh.  Here are some of our top tips to touch base with your marketing activity and give it that extra bounce.


1.     How are you tracking against your goals? 

Now is as good a time as ever to see how you’re tracking against your 2018 marketing plan. Is your marketing where you wanted it to be by now? Have you achieved your goals?  It’s not too late to make this a year to remember – make the last quarter count! Capitalise on what is working hard for your brand against your objectives, and if anything isn’t as strong as anticipated, we won’t tell if you sweep it under the rug.  The best marketing strategies allow for flexibility so feel empowered to run with what’s working and shelve what isn’t. 

2.     Check in with your physical branding 

You may have let yourself go a little over the winter months, but it’s time to get into shape! Are your marketing touchpoints (brochures, business cards, website, socials, employees… etc.) still working hard for your brand? Is your messaging consistent across all touchpoints? It takes multiple exposures to a brand for a person to begin recognising and remembering it before eventually responding to it, so if your messaging is inconsistent you are missing out on vital touchpoints to build that brand in the mind of your potential lead.  Try taking a step back to think how a potential lead interacts with your brand and see what needs a spring clean and get tidying!


3.     Is your online profile getting you matches? 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) refers to where your brand’s website sits in search engines. Give your brand a quick Google search, along with key terms potential leads would be looking for when searching for a business similar to yours. Where do you sit? Most people don’t click beyond page one of search results, so if your brand isn’t on page one, there’s a problem.  It’s also a great time to reflect on people’s search habits – are the words and phrases they would use to find businesses in your industry changing? Can you capture leads sooner by tweaking your keywords?


4.     Excite your database 

Latch onto that Spring buzz and excite your existing database. When was the last time they heard from you? Share an update, upcoming news and a bit of IP (yes, we practice what we preach)!  It’s all too easy to chase the new leads but think about how a lead then interacts with your brand and what the journey looks like beyond adding them to your database.  Make sure you add value at every step of their journey with your business.    


We’re always here to help you make sure you’re reaching your marketing goals and have something worth celebrating when the office closes for the year. Need some inspo or guidance to get you there? We’re only a phone call (03 5875 3742) or email away (hello@piermarketing.com.au).