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Marketing Leads

Keeping your leads warm (even as the weather cools)

Science has proven we are happier and more motivated when the sun is shining. And it makes sense. Bright mornings, sunny evenings and everything in between, what’s not to love? 

But as the mornings start later and our car demisters serve a purpose again, we must remember to stay motivated. All these leads you have generated while frolicking in the sun must not go cold as the weather does. People buy when they are ready to buy, not when you are ready to sell, so you must remain in their minds until that opportunity presents itself. Below are our top tips to keep your client leads warm:


1.     Don’t rely on your memory

Do you have so many leads you can’t keep track of them all? Well firstly, congratulations!  You must be doing something right! But now you need to remember them – when did you last touch base? What was said? When did they last engage your services? Have they ever engaged you? Client Relationship Management (CRM) tools allows businesses to track each of their leads, make notes of communications, and schedule future interactions – whether that’s an automatic email based on their history with you or picking up the phone old school style. There are some great CRM systems available online to get you started, such as Zoho and Hubspot CRM.  Check out the pros and cons of some of the top CRM systems here.  

2.      Copy and paste won’t cut it

One size does not fit all. Although sending the same email or marketing collateral to all prospects might seem to save you time, it will lose you leads in the long run (and therefore be a waste of time). Whatever your message, make it personal and tailor it to suit your prospect. Reflect on the last time you interacted, whether it was a personal phone call or the last time they visited your business.  Then make sure your communication reflects that.  It’s all about segmenting your targets and talking to them in a tailored way that’s going to resonate with them.  Different leads may have different trigger points.

3.     Use social media to stay front of mind

Social media is a great way to stay relevant and front of mind with potential clients (and current clients for that matter!) – without going for the hard sell on every post.  Having a presence and adding value to your followers (and those just having a nosey) is important for ongoing brand awareness and brand building.  Share engaging content that makes your followers richer for having given up their valuable time to read it – whether you’re imparting some expertise, some industry insights or news that will affect them, be generous with your knowledge.  It’ll help establish trust and put your front of mind should they be ready to engage your services or buy your product.    

Struggling to keep your leads interested, or need some leads to begin with? Grab a coffee with us to warm up and chat about your marketing strategy. Drop us a line at hello@piermarketing.com.au or give us a call on (03) 5975 3742.