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Case Study - Parenting Ideas

With the internet bursting at the seams with parenting advice, Parenting Ideas needed to cut through the noise to launch its latest online course, Parenting Girls. 


We needed a highly engaging launch campaign that resonated with the target audience instantly … before they scrolled past or clicked onto something else.  So we created the ‘Dear Daughter’ campaign, a creative concept that explored a parent’s concerns, hopes and dreams for their beloved daughter in the form of the opening line of a letter.  Each ‘letter’ explored different issues a daughter may be struggling with viewed through the eyes of the parent (e.g. self belief, body image, social exclusion).  This in turn perfectly articulated and illustrated Parenting Idea’s understanding of the pain points experienced by target parents. The straight-talking yet emotive campaign was rolled out across Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram and eDMs. 



Parents not only listened, they signed up to the course, exceeding previous online course sales by 26%.  Parenting Ideas average Facebook page likes doubled throughout the campaign. The eDM open rates were 130% higher than industry average and 30% higher than their list average.  AdWords also had great cut through for website visitation and traffic to the Parenting Ideas website doubled over the campaign period.  


Online marketing campaign | Campaign branding | Artwork and digital design | Email (eDM) planning strategy and creation| | GIF animation | Digital advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Google AdWords) | Direct Mailout | Tracking and reporting


“PIER Marketing helped us create a fabulous, contemporary look and feel for our recent Parenting Girls online course campaign. PIER helped us get real cut through in a very crowded market place and achieve record figures for our online courses.” Michael Grose, Parenting Ideas