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Case Study - Bata Industrials

Bata Industrials Australia

Video production | stills photography

A work boot is a work boot, right? Well actually no.  Depending on where you live, the humble work boot can be very different.  And this is something that Bata Industrials Australia wanted to communicate to potential new customers and accounts.  With only European and International marketing tools available, Bata Industrials Australia wanted to create something that encapsulated the Australian work boot, the Australian worker and the Australian market.

What better way to tell a story than in a video.  Not a traditional sales video with voiceovers and hard sell but a brand, grass-roots story that came from the real-life Aussie workers wearing the Bata boots day-in, day-out. We identified three hardworking Aussies Anthony, Elliott and Erin who represented the unique Aussie tradie culture.  From grabbing a morning coffee to hitting the work site to winding down with a beer at the end of the day, our three work boot wearing Australians encapsulated the real story behind the work boot. 

An emotive, authentic and natural three minute brand video was created.  Capturing and celebrating everything that it means to be an Australian worker, the video helped Bata Industrials Australia move away from the traditional sales pitch.  Demonstrating the brand’s understanding of both the market and their end-user, the video was widely shared both online (website, social media) and offline.  The video was also used in an engaging sales pack for procurement managers; a branded boot box that played the video upon opening to tell the brand story directly, eloquently and memorably. 

You can see it here: https://goo.gl/kPuukw