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The MasterCard of Internships

I’ll be honest - I was an internship sceptic. Work for no pay? The concept seemed like it was from the middle ages. Not to mention the stereotype behind an internship. Fetching coffees, collecting dry cleaning - no thank you!

But after many failed attempts of breaking into the ‘real world’ after graduation, I decided it was time for a different strategy. This is when I discovered PIER Marketing, and quickly became thankful that life’s path led me here.


As a young, nervous graduate lacking any practical marketing experience, I had little idea of how my first day would follow. I pondered all the ways I could possibly embarrass myself and each of the potentially silly questions that I would definitely need to ask at some point. I know now I had nothing to worry about.

Walking into the PIER office on day one, I was greeted by an overjoyed dog, assigned my own desk and whisked into a creative concept meeting. I was instantly and sincerely included as part of the vibrant PIER team, granted immediate trust and presented with responsibilities. I was briefed with projects to organise, such as the office launch event, invited to client meetings and asked to help with ideas and research for existing campaigns.

 University teaches theory. But going straight into a career with only theory is useless. I may have aced that Buyer Behaviour exam, but that does not mean I can apply that knowledge practically and successfully for a paying client. I may be only half way through my internship at PIER, but I have already been transformed into an internship believer! I have been blessed with the opportunity to see how I can transfer my knowledge from university into a practical sense by observing and absorbing the combined knowledge, skills and experience of six talented PIER women. Priceless!