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Social Media Marketing

Stamp your Authority

By Stacey Micallef

Getting your business seen online

These days online search engines give love to businesses who create relevant content on a regular basis. This is called being an ‘Authority’. To be counted as one of these important sounding people, you need to be regularly giving your online audience information that they want to hear or see on a regular basis. If Google or Bing see that people are following your business blogs, regularly visiting your website, or engaging with your social media networks, then it stands to reason, they think you have something important or interesting to say. 

In turn, they are more likely to prioritise your website, against a competitor who is not reaching out to their target audience. It’s all about engagement and giving away a little love, to be rewarded with new and ongoing business.

In the online world, making your sure your company’s website can be found is imperative. If you are not on page one of a search engine, then in the online world, you basically don’t exist. Yes, your business can spend dollars on Adwords, advertising and online remarketing, but the best form of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is content. Content is what makes you an authority.

Your content needs to be thought through, with a planned strategy tailored to one or a few target audiences. Your content is not a sales pitch. You need to put yourselves in the position of your customer or target audience. What is it they want to hear from you? What can you teach them? Can you share a relevant funny moment with them? You don’t want to give away your trade secrets, but you might want to give them a tip which leaves them wanting to learn more from your business. Or the tip can show that you really are an expert in what you do and therefor they might engage your business. It’s not always about fast conversion, think about long term customer relationship building.

A great example of content creation is a local naturopath, who shares tips on why a superfood is good for you, she shares recipes, health tips and exercises you can incorporate into your daily routine. She shares home remedies for cold and flu prevention. All of these topics are interesting to her target audience who follow a holistic lifestyle. She doesn’t give away her business secrets. Her clients are constantly engaging with her blog and social media posts, so she is always at the forefront of their minds. She adds subtle sales reminders at the end of some content posts and mixes in the occasional sales and marketing messages amongst the mass of content. As a result, her website sits at the top of the first page on Google and she is always inundated with new and ongoing business.

To summarise, in this blog (our fresh, relevant content), we are giving you a few tips on how to become an ‘Authority’. Some followers will have learnt enough, to go away and give this a go themselves. (Great! Because we win their love by giving them something for free – think long term relationships). Others may feel that this an overwhelming task or something they do not have time for, but as they can see we are experts in this field, they will engage us to create content for their business. Short term win for us, and the follower as their business will now become an authority and grow thanks to content (and a little PIER marketing magic). – please note the subtle sales reference at the end. 


Stacey Micallef is PIER Marketing’s Marketing Coordinator. Connect with Stacey Micallef on LinkedIn