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Frankston Arts Centre Brand Refresh

Case Study | Brand Refresh | Frankston Arts Centre

Frankston Arts Centre (FAC) needed a clearer, simplified identity. A logo refresh would help the brand resonate with its audiences, while simplifying the guidelines would enable greater consistency across a vast range of applications. One of the main challenges was needing an identity that could share the spotlight with busy, colourful show branding, and be applied consistently by different show promoters. Cue PIER.


A new clean type-based logo was created, and the colour palette simplified to enable FAC to share a stage with its show brands. A detailed set of brand guidelines and template material was designed to enable correct application of the brand in complex scenarios, and by different designers, while a simple one-page guide was produced for day to day internal use. This ensures correct representation of the brand, regardless of who was applying it.


The new Frankston Arts Centre brand identity and its consistent application has strengthened brand recognition and repositioned FAC as a leader in their industry. The logo sits alongside show branding seamlessly, while the internal teams are able to product their own collateral in-house whenever they need by using the brand templates. Curtain call PIER Creative.


Brand Refresh | Brand Guidelines


“We are so proud of our refreshed logo and branding; it has really elevated our visual identity. The usage guidelines have given us great confidence that our brand will be applied correctly and consistently both internally and by other show promotion companies.”

Lucinda Bertram, Coordinator Business Development & Marketing at Frankston Arts Centre