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Summer Snow Juice - Online Campaign Strategy

Case Study | Online Campaign | Summer Snow Juice

Summer Snow Juice wanted to drive online sales for their new sparkling apple juice range with an engaging online campaign.


All great campaigns start with research (or in this case, a taste test)! We loved what we were working with. It was fruit juice, but it was fancy. And just like that (or so we like to think), we had our campaign concept! We needed something that would stand out online, whet the appetite and encourage cart sales. So we created an engaging GIF to showcase the product and rolled it out across Facebook, Instagram, Google AdWords and Google Display advertising, and we watched the sales sparkle...


In the first two weeks alone, the Facebook page saw a 355% increase in page likes. People were commenting, liking and tagging their friends – the secret of this sparkling apple juice was out! There were over 455 visits from Facebook and Instagram to the webstore, and over 127 visits from Google Display and AdWords. The first day of the campaign returned 18 unique sales, compared to their average of 36 sales per month.


Campaign Strategy | Concept Development | Online Advertising


'The results were great and helped us to move a load more product.'

 - Nick Russo, Summer Snow Juice