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Bata School Shoes Social Media Campaign

Case Study | Social Media Management | Bata School Shoes

Back to School is the perfect time for a school shoe manufacturer to promote its products across social media – but what is there to talk about for the other 11 months of the year?  


PIER developed a social media strategy that would give Bata an authentic voice and a reason to be part of school life throughout the year – without pushing product on every post.  We created an online community for parents, sharing advice, tips and topical news on relevant subjects –if parents were talking about it, we were posting about it.   We also gave the page a refresh with new photography and video content that showcased Bata school shoes on real Aussie kids. 


The new content hit the mark with an average monthly increase of 71% in engagement and 62% increase in monthly reach. After an initial drop off, the page likes grew by 153% but most importantly, the demographic of followers shifted from international followers to engaged Australian parents likely to make a purchase. 


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"PIER has really transformed the look and feel of the pages. The content now really resonates with our target audience and we’ve loved seeing our followers grow!"

- Brad Rayson, Bata Australia