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Observations From a PIER Marketing Intern

By Kathryn Laslett

Fresh out of university and ready to take on the world, I was looking for my big break in the business world. However I quickly discovered that there were a few thousand business graduates all over Australia trying to do the exact same thing. Hmm maybe this won’t be as easy as I was lead to believe.

Before coming to PIER, my experience of being an intern had been less than amazing, but when Catherine offered me the opportunity I wasn’t going to turn it down. And the experience has been more than I could have ever hoped for. I have been given such hands on experience in relevant areas such as content calendars, social media guidelines, and so on, that I feel like I can walk away from this internship with so much more practical knowledge under my belt. However I will also walk away with a few marketing life lessons, which I feel are important for any intern to know.

1. Marketing or business for that matter is not about wearing pretty clothes and sitting behind a desk. I had a friend recently tell me that this is what she thought my job was, this could not be further from the truth. Marketing is about so much more. It’s fast-paced, creative, innovative, analytical and constantly evolving. No two days are exactly the same; so if you want consistency, maybe rethink your career path.

2. There are always going to be bumps along the way. Everything doesn’t always go to plan. There are miscommunications, tight deadlines, difficult people and sometimes life just gets in the way; but the important thing I have learnt from my time at PIER is to just keep moving forward. Try not to take it personally and always try to improve yourself and your work. We are all human and we are all still learning and evolving into our best selves.

3. Being in a supportive environment makes all the difference. I have never felt so supported and welcome as I have at PIER Marketing. Learning in this kind of environment has been the best experience because I’m not afraid to ask questions or ask for help. Watching the PIER team, work together always leaves me a little in awe and I can only hope one day I belong to a similar professional environment.

So although one day the time will come to leave my safety net that is PIER Marketing, I will continue to learn and know that when the time does come, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

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