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Brand Refresh Business Case

The Business Case for a Brand Refresh

We’re seeing an increasing number of businesses using this quieter time to focus on some of the bigger projects that have got caught on the perpetual to do list.  For many of us, the response to COVID has generously(!) given us some extra time on our hands. Maybe you are finally updating your kitchen at home, fixing up your garden or thinking about opportunities for change within your business. Perhaps you may keep revisiting that reoccurring thought, ‘does my brand need updating?’ Why not use this time to consider the possibility of a brand refresh or extension? A brand refresh is, by its nature, outside of the normal run of things and does require a fair bit of time and strategic planning. 

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Frankston Arts Centre Brand Refresh

Case Study | Brand Refresh | Frankston Arts Centre

Frankston Arts Centre (FAC) needed a clearer, simplified identity. A logo refresh would help the brand resonate with its audiences, while simplifying the guidelines would enable greater consistency across a vast range of applications. One of the main challenges was needing an identity that could share the spotlight with busy, colourful show branding, and be applied consistently by different show promoters. Cue PIER.

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Baxter Projects Brand Refresh

Case Study | Brand Refresh | Baxter Projects

After working with PIER to gain a deeper understanding of their market position, Baxter Projects wanted to renovate their brand to maximise appeal. A brand refresh was called for to ensure their logo and collateral represented their values and market position as a high-end commercial fit-out and refurbishment firm. 

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Summer Snow Juice - Online Campaign Strategy

Case Study | Online Campaign | Summer Snow Juice

Summer Snow Juice wanted to drive online sales for their new sparkling apple juice range with an engaging online campaign.

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Digital Advertising tips 2017

Online Advertising Tips

Online advertising is booming. Did you know more than 40% of digital consumers use social networks to research new brands or products¹? So, how does a business make sure they’re getting seen and heard in what is becoming a very competitive space? Here's what we have to say about maintaining or growing your digital presence.

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Bata School Shoes Social Media Campaign

Case Study | Social Media Management | Bata School Shoes

Back to School is the perfect time for a school shoe manufacturer to promote its products across social media – but what is there to talk about for the other 11 months of the year?  

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Peninsula Hot Springs Campaign Development & Roll Out

Case Study | Campaign Development | Peninsula Hot Springs

As part of our working partnership with Peninsula Hot Springs (PHS) PIER offered strategic guidance on their most important campaign of the year – Christmas! 

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Case Study - Parenting Ideas

With the internet bursting at the seams with parenting advice, Parenting Ideas needed to cut through the noise to launch its latest online course, Parenting Girls. 

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TQ Solutions Marketing Strategy

Case Study | Marketing Strategy | TQ Solutions

TQ Solutions was embarking on a transformational change in the way it went to market and structured itself internally. Resulting in a 3-year strategic business change plan, and they wanted their marketing to align.

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