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8 Steps to a Purposeful Marketing Plan

8 Steps to a Purposeful Marketing Plan in 2020

Setting a solid marketing plan ensures your marketing strategy and tactics are totally aligned with your business objective. When brought into line your marketing efforts will work in unity with other areas of your business, keeping you focused, on task and able to make clear decisions. 

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Instagram Facebook Likes Hidden

Two social media giants just flipped their channels on their heads

In July 2019, Instagram (IG) totally changed the way its 9 million Aussie users engage with content by hiding the number of post likes. Now in October, social media juggernaut Facebook (FB) has followed suit with its 11 million Aussie users.

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High Season Marketing

High Season Marketing

Naturally the Aussie summer brings a sense of hustle and bustle to popular tourist hot spots, which is great news for businesses operating in that space. Along with the sun comes a higher amount of foot traffic and word of mouth referrals! However, don’t just leave it to chance, there are actions you can take to ensure this upcoming high season is your biggest and best yet.

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Measure your Marketing

Measure your Marketing Campaign Success

In a recent HubSpot survey, 49% of respondents admitted their marketing strategy is not effective based on the alignment between marketing and sales. By understanding how your business can measure and improve its marketing effectiveness, your marketing and sales can work simultaneously to boost activity.

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Business Milestone

How should you be marketing your business milestone?

You’re probably thinking champagne, nibbles and balloons? Somewhat true. While it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate business milestones, it’s also a fantastic marketing opportunity to take advantage of by putting fresh and exciting content out in the market… and get your business contacts involved in the celebration.

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End of Financial Year (EOFY) - Just another marketing ploy?

EOFY used to be a simple acronym that could bring accountants out in cold sweats… but in recent years it’s become a much larger, consumer-facing marketing term associated with sales and mass clearance. So, is it just another marketing ploy or should your business be capitalising on the opportunity?

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SEO Basics

Four SEO basics every website needs to have

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO is vital to a high functioning website. SEO is designed to increase both the quantity and quality of traffic to your website that come through search engines, such as Google and Bing. There are many aspects to SEO from web copy to technical backend configurations. Here are just four of the SEO basics that every website should have if it wants to rank on the all-important first page of Google:

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Introducing PIER Creative - Graphic Design on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula

On World Innovation and Creativity Week this year we celebrated by bringing to you our new graphic design team PIER Creative!

PIER Creative is our newly-formed graphic design business under the PIER umbrella. While we have always had a team of awesome graphic designers that our marketing agency clients work with, launching PIER Creative opens up the opportunity for businesses to work with PIER Marketing Group on a purely graphic design basis as well.

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Marketing Team Workshop

The Importance of Marketing Strategy

You wouldn’t jump out of a plane without a plan and the correct equipment (or so we hope). So why would you jump into marketing activity without a clear idea of what you want to achieve and how you’re best positioned to achieve it? 

A marketing strategy plan will define your marketing goals and business objectives and set out a structured and considered approach in how you most efficiently and effectively use resource and budget to achieve them.  Seems simple? The output isa clear and easy to navigate strategy…it’s the upfront work to get you there than can be intense and challenging at times.  But the considered thinking and thought-provoking questions result in key insights and direction to help create the foundations of your strategy.  

So why is it vital for every business to have a marketing strategy? 

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