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PIER Graphic Designer

We're looking for a talented Lead Graphic Designer

Part time or freelance role, from 10 hours per week | Opportunity to join a dynamic, driven & growing agency | Great location w/stylish offices

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Digital Advertising tips 2017

Online Advertising Tips in 2017

By Stacey Micallef

Online advertising is booming.  In fact, 2017 is the first year that online ad spend has surpassed that of TV advertising.  Facebook¹ and Alphabet² (Google's parent company) are the two major players expected to pocket half of that online spend this year.  So how does a business make sure they’re getting seen and heard in what is becoming a very competitive space? 

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An Insider's Guide to Outsourced Marketing

By Emma Johnstone

Many companies outsource their marketing.  When executed successfully, it can be a fantastic way to secure ongoing strategic direction, support and additional resource.  It can also be more forgiving on the budget sheets than taking on a dedicated in-house resource whilst giving you access to a team of experts from different marketing disciplines.  So if you’re contemplating outsourcing, here’s an insiders guide to what you can  expect and some factors to consider.

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Case Study - Parenting Ideas

With the internet bursting at the seams with parenting advice, Parenting Ideas needed to cut through the noise to launch its latest online course, Parenting Girls. 

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How much budget should I allocate for marketing?

By Catherine Stock-Haanstra

As marketers, we ask questions about budgets often, but rarely get an answer. Perhaps for fear that we’ll spend it, but we suspect more likely that it’s not considered and allocated.

So, as the end of the Australian financial year approaches, we thought it would be a good time to share some industry knowledge about what, really, you should be investing in your marketing.

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Case Study - Bata Industrials

Bata Industrials Australia

Video production | stills photography

A work boot is a work boot, right? Well actually no.  Depending on where you live, the humble work boot can be very different.  And this is something that Bata Industrials Australia wanted to communicate to potential new customers and accounts.  With only European and International marketing tools available, Bata Industrials Australia wanted to create something that encapsulated the Australian work boot, the Australian worker and the Australian market.

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Market your business through event attendance

By Catherine Stock-Haanstra

Attending conferences, trades shows and conventions present opportunities beyond the obvious learning, networking and connecting – I’m talking marketing opportunities. Attending events poses a perfect opportunity to market your business both in person and virtually. Here are some simple tips to ensure you’re also using the opportunity to market your business. 

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Hitting the prime time

We’re big fans of that Friday feeling here at PIER and last Friday was no different. Nothing quite beats settling down to a bit of evening TV viewing, especially when it’s a feature you’ve been working on. Check out this fantastic PR story; a review of KICKBrick on Channel Ten’s The Living Room. And that’s what Friday feels are made of.

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